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Welcome to Sytop. We are one of the leading manufacturers of Copper Tungsten , Silver Tungsten, Cobalt Alloy and other Stellite offered at an unbeaten price. Started in 2001, we have almost 20 years producing experience for over 500 kinds of products and 10 years exporting experience served satisfied customers in over 50 countries.

We support our customers to translate his idea to real product. Appreciate our designer and engineer, we can realize your design easily into actual parts in a short time. And our sales are trained to be with professional knowledge and good English speaking ability, you can always find us over the phone, through email or through online chat support services. Whatever questions you have, we will answer within 24 hours. That’s our guarantee.

Your products can be fulfilled by casting process, powder metallurgy process and machining with different types and specifications of facilities. Among which, PM process is our unique technique. The products are with better strength and no pores, no shrinks inside. With our strong design and production capacity, we can realize your order from simple to complicated, from 1pc to large quantities in a guaranteed time. And with our strict testing procedures, we guarantee zero defect delivery.

Company History

  • 1996

    Liu Junfeng, Chen Yang successfully developed Stellite hammer mode to replace imported hammer mold, and set up the company to mass supply products. At that time, company only mastered the core technology, all production are associated.
  • 1998

    our company first produced nickel-based superheating alloy boat (for the reduction of tungsten powder), which greatly improved the quality of tungsten powder and had long service life at the same time. We has been supplying products to domestic top tungsten powder production enterprises.
  • 2001

    Shenyang Tuopu New Materials Co., Ltd. was established. in Changbai Tools Factory with rentalled 400 m2 plant, so most of the production process can be completed by our own factory. At the same time, we successfully developed stellite 6 alloy forging process, tungsten molybdenum forging die products and upgraded from precision casting to forging , which further improves product life and product stability.
  • 2003

    we buy 19 acres of land for plant construction in Puhe, Shenyang.
  • 2004

    At the end of 2004, No. 1 plant was completed, the whole company moved to the plant area.
  • 2005

    Consolidated building and plant 2 are completed.
    In April, our company wholly-owned acquisition of Shenyang Gongrong Precision Casting Co., Ltd.. Greatly improve the quality of precision casting cobalt-based alloy, nickel-based alloy products through technological transformation and update equipment.
  • 2007

    In 2007, the company set up foreign trade department and expanded its sales network throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia, Africa.
  • 2009

    2009, our company wholly-owned acquisition of metal ceramic thermocouple protection tube and special metal ceramic project in nuclear industry developed by Northeastern University Professor Li Rongjiu. We moved the full set of production equipment to plant 2 and start two sets of 1800℃ hydrogen high view music furnace according to the production process requirements.
  • 2013

    2013, our company completed major technological breakthroughs of producing cobalt-based alloy with powder metallurgy after 5 years research and development, which gains households praise of foreign and domestic customers.
  • 2014

    In 2014, company worked with Professor Ru Hongqiang of Northeastern University and successfully developed the silicon carbide conductive ring project for electric vehicle. In the same year, we joined the Shenyang Network Chamber of Commerce.
  • 2015

    2015, our company successfully developed dental alloy project, the product quality transcend the German manufacturing; successfully developing a powder metallurgy production imitation platinum ring; successfully developing a powder metallurgy injection molding production of cobalt-based alloy products.
  • 2017

    2017, foreign trade sales made a major breakthrough, sales of six months have passed the total sales of 2016.

We are proud to support our customers to get more values, to create new business. We look forward to fulfilling all your future stellite needs. You may have many options, so we appreciate your loyalty and business. Thank you, for choosing http://www.topstellite.com .

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Name: Nico Ever Riddle

Nickname: Neeks, Ever

Age: 17

Looks: (profile picture) 

Species: Human/Warlock 

Occupation: Killer

Medical Issues: Insomnia, depression, anxiety, MPD

Infiltration (gang): Unknown, unrecorded

Personality: Nico Riddle isn't the most nicest man you'll meet, at first. When you first meet him, especially out of the blue or during a mission, he's cold and brutal, and extremely sarcastic. He's dangerous, especially with a knife in his hands. Though, if you're one of the lucky ones to get passed that border, and manage to get to know him, you'll find a really kind person beneath the dark shell of his soul. He's loyal to those who are privileged enough to get to know him and he doesn't hesitate to kill anyone to protect the people close to him. He's quick on his feet and an excellent thinker under pressure, though sometimes, he may stumbled if the pressure is too great. 

Background: Nico Riddle was orphaned at the age of five. He was left at the doorstep of an orphanage by a cracked out mother and a dead beat father, both too far gone to realize what they were doing at the time. Nico was raised under the care of an abusive headmistress and a smarmy lunch lady who didn't hesitate to throw hits, even if you didn't deserve it. Along with the bully children who took their unrealized anger at their care givers out on each other, Nico learned to take pain well, how to keep his mouth shut, and how to pretend that what he was seeing, wasn't true. When he turned ten, he began to hear a voice. It didn't make him do anything bad, nor did it tell him what to do in general. It was like a companion, someone to keep our lonely boy company. When Nico turned eleven, he was diagnosed with MPD, or - multiple personality disorder. Like it was the opening door, the voice in his head came forward, taking over Nico's body and controlling him like it was nothing. Nico named his partner in crime - Craven. They tried giving Nico medication to help keep Craven at bay, but he didn't want it. Craven was the only friend he ever had, he didn't want to limit him or keep him away.

    Nico was fourteen years old when he was initiated, quite Craven's fault as well, into a well known gang around that part of town. A murder gang - filled with killers.. hackers. This is where Nico's killing life began - needless to say he took his first kill hard. This is what changed him into the dark, sinister boy he is now. And if you think Nico is bad, wait until you see the new killer Craven at play.




Name: Craven Ever Riddle

Nickname: Raven, Ever

Age: 17

Looks: (Profile picture as well)

Species: Human/Warlock

Occupation: Killer, Hacker

Medical Issues: Extreme anger issues (short temper, lashing out, etc.), insomnia, depression, slight anxiety (meaning not as bad as Nico's)

Infiltration: Unknown, unrecorded

Personality: Craven Ever Riddle is nothing like little Nico, the body he inhabits, even though Nico is the only person Craven is kind to. And I do mean the only person. Craven is cold to the bone and just as ruthless. He doesn't know human emotions, meaning love, like, loyalty. He's a stone cold killer, and he loves nothing more than the tip of his sharp blade slicing through bone. He's the dark side of Nico, the side that no one loves or wants to be around. Though... there is a side that he never shows anyone, not even Nico. It's... different.

Background: The first time Craven made an appearance in Nico's body, and not just a small whisper in his head, Nico had just been diagnosed with MPD - multiple personality disorder. Even though it wasn't multiple - it was one. Craven Ever Riddle. Craven took over Nico's entire body, testing just what his limits were and what they weren't. One day, Nico and Craven - yes, sharing the meat sack they wore - were walking along the streets when they were initiated, and Craven will proudly admit that is indeed his fault, as was the beating Nico and Craven received immediately after. After that, began their killings. The jobs they were forced to do, the hacking they made Craven do. Unlike Nico though, Craven found amusement in it all, even if he and Nico sought comfort in the other at times. 

Shogun the Undead Hybrid Member

Lilian Valor (preferably called Lily) is a siren and human hybrid. She has blonde hair and brown eyes. Lily has two tattoos, both on her shoulders (one tattoo per shoulder. One of them is the Borderlands symbol, the other is simply a heart in fire saying the name “Kyu” in it). She loves to be around water, which is why she’ll be near or in a pond she found that is inside of a cave. While she is 30 chronologically, Lilian is 20 biologically, and she has a sets of 3 gills on either side of her neck. Having the abilities of a siren, she sings flawlessly and perfectly, her potential of drawing people in unknown. Sexuality is bisexual, prefers females.

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When Amelie Lacroix had her son and daughter she thought it would be a happy family with her husband Gerard Lacroix. When she was taken by Talon Gerard took the kids unders Mercy's wing to watch over them for a while until Amelie was found and safe. But after she was found and when she killed Gerard in his sleep when they were together as a family, the kids were never going to forget what she did to him or what they heard of his last words as he bleed to death saying "My love....I'll always love you..." When the kids heard the LOUD SHOT they ran to see and saw their mom covered with blood splats on her lips and down to her belly. They were frozen with fear and ran to Mercy as help that they could only think of. When Amelie saw her kids run with fear she knew she had a new delight coming to her with every sudden kill, she'll feel even more deadly and powerful.

When the kids grew up over the 19yrs they still were wanting to see their mother but Noah (the son) wasn't wanting to see his killer mother, but his sister Lola (the daughter) convinced him to see her cause they were still their mom and kids. Talon did test on her making Amelie (Widowmaker) into a sleeper agent and soon was the best things Talon has done overall with their men. But as soon as Widow heard about her kids she got flash backs seeing them with their dad in the snow and out in the sunshine for a few moments then she'll remember them. Noah sent out a hidden message that their dad taught them just in case they needed them when they were in help, with that in the system of Talon's computers (they don't know yet) Widow saw it and went to the location it said to meet them at. So Widow went there and saw her kids in 19yrs. Widow saying "My children all grown up fully made for battle like your dad an myself. You should join me in Talon and work together to show what Talon is and what it wants the world to be without Overwatch in the way it should be easy, without any interferences it should go smooth. Lola i'll teach you how to snipe like me and for you my man Noah...i'll have Reaper teach you a bit then me for the rest." She went on and on but never did bring up that night were she last saw her kids run in fear from her with their faces in tears and beating hearts that she could hear like nothing else.

Three months later..

   "There you go Lola but faster and stealthier! Lola come on you'll get killed easily by doing that". When the training was over Lola and Noah will see each other for only a 1hr then train more and more with only a long break for sleeping but it'll get cut down further on in training. They were told to go to France their homeland to kill a group of OverWatch vets. trying to make a gang of soldiers going to strike a Head facility that trains genes to work with the stuff that made Widow and soon HeartBreaker. So they killed them with style using Lola as a young female loring them into a clear field for a perfect shot for Widow and Lola to kill the rest with her chain whip, with razor sharp blades that could cut off a limb of a body smooth as silk. Now they had news of Noah going under a stage that would put his life at risk under a malfunction having only a very low chance of living...

end of part 1

Le Veuve Sep 26 · Comments: 1 · Tags: talon, overwatch
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Curious is basically a hellspawn. He has yellow eyes, grey skin, black hair, stereotypical pointed devil tail. Curious looks like a normal human boy otherwise. As for what he is, Curious is part Incubus (male version of a Succubus), Human, and part Imp. He has triangular, yellow teeth with a pointed tongue that is a little long, about the size of the average length of a man’s hand. Curious also has a symbol on each forearm, his left having the mark of a pentagram while the other one has the mark of a hexagram. He also has horns but they’re small. Sexuality is Heterosexual

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Orian is a half-blood, (and for those who might not know, that’s a half-human, half-god/goddess) daughter of Artemis. She has brown hair with dyed red tips. Orian also has brown eyes with pale skin and the symbol of a constellation, Orion the Great Hunter, on the underside of her right forearm. She uses a Steampunk styled bow and often times has her hair in a ponytail to maintain her accuracy. The bow is made almost entirely of gears except for the string. Each of the gears are smooth enough to be functionable as a normal bow. It all stays together somehow, probably ancient magic though it’s still questioned even by Orian herself. Along with her bow, Orian has her quiver on her waist which seems to just never run out of arrows. Sexuality is bisexual.

Shogun the Undead Hybrid Member

Doxie is a hacker. She looks like any other 16 year old girl.. Other than the fact that she has a digital keyboard that she can bring up and hack basically anything electronic with.. Being Spanish in ethnicity, her skin is an olive but a little darker. Doxie's eyes are a cobalt color and her hair color is brown. Her skin is smooth and her hair is cut in a style that’s kind of just having one side shaved off: Her left side. Doxie's hair is also styled so that it’s straight but slightly curvy and always kind of swept to the right the top of her head and has it so it covers one of her eyes. Her hair is short. She is slim but athletically built, showing very faint signs of muscle. She goes by Roset and Sky sometimes. Sexuality is Bisexual.

Shogun the Undead Hybrid Member

Axel is basically a living, more life sized voodoo doll. He is full of cotton with a stitching over his chest, diagonally, from shoulder to hip when in voodoo form. Axel also has a few pins and needles that he used for fingers though since he lost about 4 of them, he only has 3 fingers per hand. His “skin” is a light tan, almost like a burlap sack, once again in voodoo form. He can summon tendrils/tentacles. Axel is about 748 years old and can shift between his voodoo and his humanoid form, basically changing sizes and appearance. His voodoo form makes him look like a normal voodoo doll but his humanoid form makes him look like the average adult male. He has black hair and button eyes. When he’s humanoid, he is about 5’5 while in Voodoo form he’s only about the size of a Vinyl POP! figure. Sexuality is heterosexual.

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Z is an electronically born child. Being based off of Error!Sans from Error!Tale (An AU of Undertale), she has completely black skin with a red background (Instead of normal eye whites), a black iris, and a white pupil in each eye. She’s almost as tall as Shogun, being 6’0. Z is incredibly human looking minus the pitch black skin and different eye color. She also has blue streaks under her eyes which only go down to her chin. Her fingers are yellow from the tip to the second knuckle and the rest of her fingers are an orange-ish red. Z is Shogun’s second “daughter”, or at least refers to herself as such. She has the ability to teleport, split apart, and can use electricity at her will. She has a disease that only people like her can contract called “Pixlexia” (which is a “real” thing). Z can also phase through inanimate objects and living creatures, no matter what they are and do the string thing that Error!Sans can do as well. Sexuality is Heterosexual

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Drake is my first ever fairy oc. He has dragonfly wings that are about 5’ in wingspan, tip to tip of course. The wings are tinted turquoise in color with a black border around each of them. Drake has brown hair with dark green eyes, along with a very light skin tone. He likes archery and is about 5’10 in height. Drake’s wings are also pretty fragile even though he can fly with them without any difficulty. Sexuality is Heterosexual

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