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(Stuff Ideas and things that inspired me to make My new Char Brandon Potts)

Traits: Insensitive. Creative, resourceful, and intellectually quick. Good at a broad range of things. Talented. Great ability to understand concepts and apply logic to find solutions. Rule breaker, risk taker, Comfortable in unfamiliar situations Adaptable. Acts without thinking. Not into organized religion. Adventurous. Aggressive. Not easily offended, dangerous, fearless Emotionally stable. Improviser, player, dominant.

A few things he's good at: strategist, pilot, mechanical engineer, assassin

Backstory: Brandon Potts Born in 2498(Sci-fi)In to a pretty rich family. He was very talented at the age of 5 and was a know it all in school getting A's only very few B's in his life. In his middle school years he was bullied so he started keeping to himself till one day he had enough so he fought back. He felt good after this but was suspended is which time he learned to control himself with his rage but he still kept to himself. After he was in high school he graduated early in many things like Math, science, Different lauggues even some of the harder to learn alien tongues.
After he graduated he joined the Navy(Space Navy) In sector 24 quickly rising the ranks leaning many things in the process like keeping calm in stressed moments some robotics weapon control and being a strategist, and Pilot.
Soon a war broke out he lost his friends and family on the planet he grew up on to an alien race which destroyed his planet and took all the survivors from the battle of his ship to make then fight in a pit on there mothership.
Every fight he had to kill a friend just to live slowly breaking down on the inside.
One day he team up with his last friend alive, his best friend and they tried to escape in a corvette class ship.
He made it but his friend died before he got to the ship.
He is now a wanted Assassin wanted for so much even the old empire is going after him for the price on his head and he can never truly trust anyone till he joined the pirates guild serving as there very best elite unit and ship commander who even has his own ship.
His new life began there and he never stopped working for them all this and now he's only his mid 20's

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Shogun the Undead Hybrid Member

Jaqui is half zombie, half skeleton. She has teal skin, brown hair, and greyish blue eyes. She’s 4’9 with some of her skeletal parts showing. The only parts that are skeletal, however, are the left forearm, right hand, right leg, and a bit of her chest and stomach area. Jaqui’s mouth has little strings on it, as if it was sewn together but cut open, and she sometimes falls apart a little, limbs and head able to be removed, and has been alive for about 100 or so years. If she’s out in the sun too long, she will start to feel her flesh heat up faster than a normal human. Eventually, her skin and flesh will start to burn after about 40 to 60 minutes. Jaqui also can sleep walk and often has nightmares but they don’t entirely affect her. For reference, she looks a lot like Rottytops from the Shantae games. Sexuality is Heterosexual.

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Autumn is a shy fox-girl who has a cousin (Next slide). She’s been abused and gets scared easily. She’s 17. She has sapphire blue eyes with red hair and fur, pretty pale skin as well. Autumn’s tail has a white tip and her ears are fluffy and a bit large, same as her tail. She’s 5’2 in height. Sexuality is pansexual.

Summer is Autumn’s cousin but instead of being a fox-neko she’s a wolf-neko. Much like Autumn, Summer has blue eyes only more of a dark midnight to them while having silver hair and grey ears and tail, both fluffy. She’s a little pale but more to average skin tones. Summer is about 5’8 tall. But unlike Autumn, however, she can really only see things in a grey scale. Everything is some shade of grey to her. She does have contacts that allows her to see color however but if she forgets to put on her contacts or is too lazy or tired to get her contacts, she’ll put on thick rimmed glasses that allow the same thing. Summer is 18. Sexuality is pansexual

Shogun the Undead Hybrid Member

Hashtag (yes..I know.. Bad name) is an elf. She is very loosely based off of Junkrat from Overwatch, having almost the same personality. Hashtag looks like the elf picture I’ve shown or will show. She often times has a mask with her that looks to be made out of carbon fiber (which it is). Her mask allows her to keep her face hidden. Hashtag’s mask has two red streaks either side of the edges of her eyes, black fabric over the eyes that blocks her eyes from others but not the other way around. She likes to spray paint her symbol (which is oftentimes a star with a hashtag in the middle) on anywhere she can. Growing up on the streets, she has few friends, one of them being Charlott Star. Hashtag’s real name is Cyra. Sexuality is Bisexual.

Shogun the Undead Hybrid Member

Babs is probably one of the oddest characters I’ve made. She almost always wears a mask that has four eyes, two where the actual eyes would be, two on the cheeks. The mask is white and the eyes are red. Her hair is pink with black tips. Babs’ actual eyes are a bright red color. Her skin tone is pretty average as well. She has a lot freckles on her cheeks under the mask. Babs is a soul harvester, or my version of a soul harvester. Basically, she just goes around and gathers the souls of the deceased. Since she’s a soul harvester, Babs has a scythe and the ability to teleport. Babs is about 5’5 and fully human, being 16 in age. Sexuality is bisexual.

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(This is just used as a place where I can copy the name I need when I need it...Also feel free to RP)

Lucifer (Fallen-Angel , had powers taken away and is on a quest to get them back , He has trust issues due to a dark past((Get his to trust you enough))He will not attack unless he needs to and try's to stop a fight before it starts, He is smart and kind if you get to know him, He try's to avoid people and almost never kills anyone, He has white hair and sky blue eyes and a black blade sword called Dark-bringer)

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HEY PEOPLE  im still new to this so help me
Yuri0love Apr 20 · Comments: 4
Shogun the Undead Hybrid Member
(Sorry if the text is hard to read) Angel is an angel. A fallen angel, to be exact. She is 5’8 with a wingspan of 5.8 feet from tip-to-tip. Her wings are pitch-black while her skin is pale-ish with blonde hair and green eyes. She was banned for practicing and conducting necromancy. Since she has gotten to practice and use necromancy, she can summon a small set of armor. Small as in it only has boots, shoulder plates, and a chestplate. All of it is black, the shoulders are thickish and heavily sphere-like. The chestplate is thin and highly flexible to match her body if she goes into combat. She also has boots the same way. All of it is flexible so that it matches her body easily. Along with armor, Angel also has two swords. They’re heavily based off of the “Hadhafang” sword from Lord of the Rings. They both also have “Death is the only way to be free” on the blades and hilts in elfish. She often carries them with one on her waist and one on her back Sexuality is Straight.
RyzoKujikawa Member
Shadow is an oddity at best. He doesn't know his real name, his age or even when or where he was born. Shadow age is unknown but he looks to be about 14-16 years old. He has dark crimson red hair going down to his knees  but he keeps it in a pony tail, he has eyes that are a mix of grey and pale red, a heart shaped face and a scar just below his right eye. he wears a black cloak with a black vest with purple lines around it, grey pants with a shield symbol on the side of the right pant leg, and a necklace with a orange diamond on it. while he knows nothing about him self shadow never let that bother him. he simply smiled and traveled wherever he could go, and somewhere along the way he got the name shadow the reploid along the way. Shadow had the ability he calls "the mimic". the mimic let's him copy anything he seen and has enough knowledge about. using the mimic shadow gain the ability's  of a black mage, white mage, hammer space,and mastery of multiple weapons. while he has all of the power it's also his weakness. when he uses weapons he is weak to magic and vice versa. shadow also doesn't have knowledge of common things like love, good, evil etc. he does what he thinks is right and never let's others sway him.
Shogun the Undead Hybrid Member
Shogun has somewhat grown up during his death, going from about 5'8 to 6'5. He'd be about 20 but has since stopped aging. Sho was born in 1920 and had a hand in WWII. When he was 24 years old, he had died from a bullet wound to the leg. By the time he had gotten to a medical tent behind friendly lines, he had bled out. Since then, he had basically remained in the form of a 20 year old. He used to have silver hair and dark blue eyes but both have disappeared completely after he turned into a shadow person. Sho is also bound to a fallen angel, whose name is Angel. He now has completely white eyes and pitch black skin, very gas-like, but he can be touched at times. He doesn't have hair but instead more of a flame-like plume on top of his head. Sho has three fingers often times but can shift more (only up to 5, including the thumbs). His fingers are sharp but not sharp enough to penetrate skin with a hard poke. He doesn't have ears or a nose and his face is smooth and near featureless besides for his eyes and mouth which are white and zigzag shaped (Mouth is zigzag shaped while eyes are white). Sho loves to teleport and occasionally will teleport onto the ceiling. He is part elemental, shapeshifter, and teleporter. He has lost his parents and seen it happen after he died. They were killed in a river, drowned after being shot in the arms. Their names are unknown. He has a daughter who's name is Iris, and a second.. er... "daughter" named Z. Iris is part shadow-person, part teleporter, and part human. Z, however, is electronically born and has Pixlexia, so she often times splits apart. Z can also teleport and use electricity at will. Iris can possibly use telepathy (including mind reading (minor), object moving (medium/light person to small/grain of sand), floating (a good foot off the ground) and hypnosis (sleeping, walking, talking. Nothing else))
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