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HEY PEOPLE  im still new to this so help me
Yuri0love Apr 20 · Comments: 4
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(Sorry if the text is hard to read) Angel is an angel. A fallen angel, to be exact. She is 5’8 with a wingspan of 5.8 feet from tip-to-tip. Her wings are pitch-black while her skin is pale-ish with blonde hair and green eyes. She was banned for practicing and conducting necromancy. Since she has gotten to practice and use necromancy, she can summon a small set of armor. Small as in it only has boots, shoulder plates, and a chestplate. All of it is black, the shoulders are thickish and heavily sphere-like. The chestplate is thin and highly flexible to match her body if she goes into combat. She also has boots the same way. All of it is flexible so that it matches her body easily. Along with armor, Angel also has two swords. They’re heavily based off of the “Hadhafang” sword from Lord of the Rings. They both also have “Death is the only way to be free” on the blades and hilts in elfish. She often carries them with one on her waist and one on her back Sexuality is Straight.
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Shadow is an oddity at best. He doesn't know his real name, his age or even when or where he was born. Shadow age is unknown but he looks to be about 14-16 years old. He has dark crimson red hair going down to his knees  but he keeps it in a pony tail, he has eyes that are a mix of grey and pale red, a heart shaped face and a scar just below his right eye. he wears a black cloak with a black vest with purple lines around it, grey pants with a shield symbol on the side of the right pant leg, and a necklace with a orange diamond on it. while he knows nothing about him self shadow never let that bother him. he simply smiled and traveled wherever he could go, and somewhere along the way he got the name shadow the reploid along the way. Shadow had the ability he calls "the mimic". the mimic let's him copy anything he seen and has enough knowledge about. using the mimic shadow gain the ability's  of a black mage, white mage, hammer space,and mastery of multiple weapons. while he has all of the power it's also his weakness. when he uses weapons he is weak to magic and vice versa. shadow also doesn't have knowledge of common things like love, good, evil etc. he does what he thinks is right and never let's others sway him.
Shogun the Undead Hybrid Member
Shogun has somewhat grown up during his death, going from about 5'8 to 6'5. He'd be about 20 but has since stopped aging. Sho was born in 1920 and had a hand in WWII. When he was 24 years old, he had died from a bullet wound to the leg. By the time he had gotten to a medical tent behind friendly lines, he had bled out. Since then, he had basically remained in the form of a 20 year old. He used to have silver hair and dark blue eyes but both have disappeared completely after he turned into a shadow person. He now has completely white eyes and pitch black skin, very gas-like, but he can be touched at times. He doesn't have hair but instead more of a flame-like plume on top of his head. Sho has three fingers often times but can shift more (only up to 5, including the thumbs). His fingers are sharp but not sharp enough to penetrate skin with a hard poke. He doesn't have ears or a nose and his face is smooth and near featureless besides for his eyes and mouth which are white and zigzag shaped (Mouth is zigzag shaped while eyes are white). Sho loves to teleport and occasionally will teleport onto the ceiling. He is part elemental, shapeshifter, and teleporter. He has lost his parents and seen it happen after he died. They were killed in a river, drowned after being shot in the arms. Their names are unknown. He has a daughter who's name is Iris, and a second.. er... "daughter" named Z. Iris is part shadow-person, part teleporter, and part human. Z, however, is electronically born and has Pixlexia, so she often times splits apart. Z can also teleport and use electricity at will. Iris can possibly use telepathy (including mind reading (minor), object moving (medium/light person to small/grain of sand), floating (a good foot off the ground) and hypnosis (sleeping, walking, talking. Nothing else))
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Hello everyone I've been seeing more and more people on this site starting to get interested in combat roleplaying but aren't really sure how to get stronger or grow outside of sparring matches. As such I'm going to start posting weekly blogs that may help others grow within this field of roleplaying. First off let's talk about your character's story.


Now I know what a lot of people may be thinking, "Pickles I want to fight with this character why would I need a good story?" Well the answer to that would be easier your character can't grow in strength and power without a legitimately storyline to back them up. In combat roleplaying you will meet a lot of people who will call out god mod on every move you make and unless you have that storyline to show you do indeed have this technique or power then you may just get marked as a god modder which will stop a lot of people from wanting to fight you.


Generally speaking if you have this awesome idea in your head and want to get your character to master it and use in a fight then you should get someone to help you generate a storyline where your character trains to use that power. Some of the most powerful characters out there usually have some sort of storyline where they trained themselves up to do the feats they are able to do. No one starts out as some ultimate badass that was a master of everything even Superman didn't understand all of his abilities till much later in his storyline. This is exactly why you need a storyline and a roleplay going on to generate your powers and abilities. Without one you're just power modding and god modding.


So now it comes into what your story should entail. Well that should be easy enough it's a roleplay of your characters life and what happened to them. Normally this can start in their bio but if you start it with a bio make sure you don't leave anything out. To a combat roleplayer your character sheet is one of the most important documents. It's what tells of your character's history, strengths, weaknesses, powers, abilities, techniques. Everything that your character has is there and that's why many CRPers simply keep the full character sheet to themselves out of fear from someone using it against them. As such everything on that character needs to be done in a story. If it's not done then it's unusable. Heck the story can even lead to you using your power in a way you didn't even think of using it which will lead to new techniques and ideas to further your character along.


I hope this helps out some new combat roleplayers out there. Enjoy! 

DillPickles Mar 29 · Rate: 5 · Tags: tips, story, technique, crp, roleplay, combat
FlareIncurDerek Member

Name: Skylar Quinn

Age: Varies

Height: 5' 5"

Race: White

(She has the same Bio as Harley Quinn, just black and white hair)

Bio: Skylar has always been the odd one out. But her parents being insane makes it worse. She was never made to be insane. She is the daughter of Harley Quinn and the Joker. But no one knows that.

Her normal attire...She doesn't have any! Hah! She usually wears a tank top and skinny jeans as her normal attire. She always has a beanie on.

Her costume, or whatever her mother calls it is a black and white, mime like outfit. It is skin tight like many of the DC female outfits. But it is almost exactly like her mother's. And when she wears it, she covers her face in various shades of a pale white to make a skull on it.

Skeleton Makeup

FlareIncurDerek Jan 10 · Comments: 1
Agentyamski (MCRP) Hiatus

The teahouse... it seemed to be one of the only places Takeshi could find peace anymore. Not even the rose garden that had once been able to soothe his soul simply from scent seemed to do the trick, and still yet the teahouse only brought a slight ease of the pain that Takeshi battled with on the constant. 

It had all started on the day that Takeshi was sent into battle for one of the forbidden weapons. Instead of protecting the one he was meant to, a weapon seemed to be more important to the eyes of the one that had ordered it. If only he had questioned it, fought to stay by the one he had sworn to protect with his life. It was on that day that the young master, Illias, had been kidnapped by the Hashaco of Old. This began the catalyst of rage that had been silent for many years inide the caretaker's soul, and it only seemed to worsen from there.

Unable to forgive himself, Takeshi swore that he would one day go to free Illias from the hands of the ones his master deemed evil and full of darkness, once he had the training to do so. But it was all for not, for after Takeshi returned with the strengths of a dragoon, news had been brought forth that the young master's life had been ripped from his very body. Sending the man towards a dark path, Takeshi's innocence slowly faded and many of his clan members were noticing it as well. Thinking that vengeance was his only hope in trying to rest the rage once more, Takeshi put his all in the war that soon followed the death of the young master. But even with the death of the old clan, his rage still went unanswered, and soon his mind and appearance became corrupted with each passing day.

For five years, now nearing the age of thirty, Takeshi continued down this dark path. Though fear was never in his nature before, he brought fear into himself, afraid of what could happen should 'it' take over and consume his very soul, and who might be hurt all the while. He knew that he needed to seek out a way to bring the catalyst back to a sleeping state, at least for a while longer. Bidding farewell to the clan for the time being, Takeshi sought out the help of others that may be able to aid him. 

Searching desperately far and wide, Takeshi was on the brink of giving up when he came across a quaint little teahouse that resided in an area where it was always nighttime. Stepping foot in this place for the first time, his nose picked up a familiar scent... one he hadn't picked up for many years. It wasn't possible, there was no way it could be. Searching out for the scent, he couldn't believe his eyes when he uncovered the truth. Illias was still alive, and this sent Takeshi was unable to control the surplus of joy and sorrow filling his body, sending him into a crying fit.

The reunion with the young master was special, as Takeshi had always considered him to be a younger brother, roughly ten years seperating the two. But the toll had already overwhelmed the caretaker, as the rage still continued to grow, his animal instincts starting to overpower the instincts of human. He was still on the search of one that would be able to keep 'it' at bay, to teach him to suppress the instincts. 

He had made sure to stop at the teahouse at least once a month to check up on Illias, almost certain he wasn't ready to let the others know that he was still alive. Many may not of even recognized him, his appearance had changed so much within that little time. "How about a cup of tea to soothe your thoughts?" Speaking softly as he prepared a fresh batch of chamomile tea. Illias spoke of sleepless nights, to which Takeshi could relate to in a different manner.

The both of them had done so much growing up, yet battled with the same problems they had in youth. "I've still yet to find someone to help me with my situation. Even the monks in the mountains say that the techniques would be ineffective at this point." Letting out a deep sigh, his draconic hands would pour a cup for each of them. 

He had wanted to learn more from Illias on how he was still alive, but knew that now may not be the best of times. Nor would filling him in on the events that unfolded after his supposed death. For now, they simply seemed to enjoy the company of one another, and the peaceful aura and silence that the teahouse had about it.

FlareIncurDerek Member

Name: Farrah Kendrick

Age: 17

Height: Unknown

Likes: Gears, Working on Machines

Dislikes: Sunlight, Being far from gears and a working area

Bio/Life: Farrah was born on March 27, 1998. She was born at home and was never registered as a person. She used her grandmother's birth certificate. Her grandmother's name was also Farrah Kendrick. They changed the date of birth so she could be a "citizen". She is from an era of steampunk and fantasy. She has never been far from a working area and when she is she starts to Hyperventilate. She doesn't look as though she is from the 21 century, but she is. She also always has black dust and dirt on her face.

FlareIncurDerek Member

Name: Subject 712 (Lanie Lomera)

Age: 100 (Looks 17)

Height: 5' 5"

Race: Immortal Werewolf.

Parents: Sam (Metaphoric Father, Wolf), Danni (Mother/Human)

Bio: Lanie was born 100 years ago to the day June 27. She is immortal because of her 'Father'. He is a pure bred alpha wolf who's blood was mixed with a vampires venom. They injected Lanie's 'father' with the venom, causing him to be immortal. His blood was mixed with Lanie's genetics. Which they named her Subject 712 when she was born. But her mother named her Lanie. When Lanie was five, they showed her the wolf that helped her be Immortal. When she was 10, she turned into a werewolf for the first time, but looked like a full wolf. Finally, at the age 17, she killed everyone but the other test subjects and her parents. They now live secretly in the woods. Even though her mother has died, she has her 'father'. She looks like she is 17, but is only 100...

She was told she will live forever and make another generation of Immortals, soon to be the race to take over the world. Not even a silver bullet can stop her or her family.

(Human form)


(Wolf form)


FlareIncurDerek Member

Name: Flare

Age: 16-400 (She's gonna get really old being an elf. Don't question my age.)

Species: Dark Elf

Family: King of the Dark Elves, Prince of the Elf kingdom, 3 older brothers (From oldest to youngest of the older siblings: Tyler, Grayson, James) and one younger human/elf brother named Gram.

"I was three....When my mother was killed...My best friend's father killed her...His name was Randy..His sons name was Charlie...My best friend...His father had a group of hunters, who we're searching for my clan for a while...They found me and my mother playing with flowers and making flower crowns...The attacked my mom..but Charlie wanted them to spare me. I felt so sad for years...It soon turned into anger, and I had help from someone..We...killed the hunter clan...And I killed Charlie...Anger was my best friend that day..." Flare's backstory

Bio: Flare was always happy. When she was only 7 that changed. She trusted Charlie that day, but his father was a different story. Flare knew Charlie was the son of an elf hunting clan leader, but she didn't care until her mother died because of Charlie's dad. so now, she is a 16 year old princess who like to do archery more than act like a princess.


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HEY PEOPLE im still new to this so help me
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(Sorry if the text is hard to read) Angel is an an... more
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Shadow is an oddity at best. He doesn't know his r... more

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