(my oc) shadow the reploid. from RyzoKujikawa's blog

Shadow is an oddity at best. He doesn't know his real name, his age or even when or where he was born. Shadow age is unknown but he looks to be about 14-16 years old. He has dark crimson red hair going down to his knees  but he keeps it in a pony tail, he has eyes that are a mix of grey and pale red, a heart shaped face and a scar just below his right eye. he wears a black cloak with a black vest with purple lines around it, grey pants with a shield symbol on the side of the right pant leg, and a necklace with a orange diamond on it. while he knows nothing about him self shadow never let that bother him. he simply smiled and traveled wherever he could go, and somewhere along the way he got the name shadow the reploid along the way. Shadow had the ability he calls "the mimic". the mimic let's him copy anything he seen and has enough knowledge about. using the mimic shadow gain the ability's  of a black mage, white mage, hammer space,and mastery of multiple weapons. while he has all of the power it's also his weakness. when he uses weapons he is weak to magic and vice versa. shadow also doesn't have knowledge of common things like love, good, evil etc. he does what he thinks is right and never let's others sway him.

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By RyzoKujikawa
Added Apr 16


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Shadow is an oddity at best. He doesn't know his r... more

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