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Shogun the Undead Hybrid Member

Curious is basically a hellspawn. He has yellow eyes, grey skin, black hair, stereotypical pointed devil tail. Curious looks like a normal human boy otherwise. As for what he is, Curious is part Incubus (male version of a Succubus), Human, and part Imp. He has triangular, yellow teeth with a pointed tongue that is a little long, about the size of the average length of a man’s hand. Curious also has a symbol on each forearm, his left having the mark of a pentagram while the other one has the mark of a hexagram. He also has horns but they’re small. Sexuality is Heterosexual

Shogun the Undead Hybrid Member

Orian is a half-blood, (and for those who might not know, that’s a half-human, half-god/goddess) daughter of Artemis. She has brown hair with dyed red tips. Orian also has brown eyes with pale skin and the symbol of a constellation, Orion the Great Hunter, on the underside of her right forearm. She uses a Steampunk styled bow and often times has her hair in a ponytail to maintain her accuracy. The bow is made almost entirely of gears except for the string. Each of the gears are smooth enough to be functionable as a normal bow. It all stays together somehow, probably ancient magic though it’s still questioned even by Orian herself. Along with her bow, Orian has her quiver on her waist which seems to just never run out of arrows. Sexuality is bisexual.

Shogun the Undead Hybrid Member

Doxie is a hacker. She looks like any other 16 year old girl.. Other than the fact that she has a digital keyboard that she can bring up and hack basically anything electronic with.. Being Spanish in ethnicity, her skin is an olive but a little darker. Doxie's eyes are a cobalt color and her hair color is brown. Her skin is smooth and her hair is cut in a style that’s kind of just having one side shaved off: Her left side. Doxie's hair is also styled so that it’s straight but slightly curvy and always kind of swept to the right the top of her head and has it so it covers one of her eyes. Her hair is short. She is slim but athletically built, showing very faint signs of muscle. She goes by Roset and Sky sometimes. Sexuality is Bisexual.

Shogun the Undead Hybrid Member

Axel is basically a living, more life sized voodoo doll. He is full of cotton with a stitching over his chest, diagonally, from shoulder to hip when in voodoo form. Axel also has a few pins and needles that he used for fingers though since he lost about 4 of them, he only has 3 fingers per hand. His “skin” is a light tan, almost like a burlap sack, once again in voodoo form. He can summon tendrils/tentacles. Axel is about 748 years old and can shift between his voodoo and his humanoid form, basically changing sizes and appearance. His voodoo form makes him look like a normal voodoo doll but his humanoid form makes him look like the average adult male. He has black hair and button eyes. When he’s humanoid, he is about 5’5 while in Voodoo form he’s only about the size of a Vinyl POP! figure. Sexuality is heterosexual.

Shogun the Undead Hybrid Member

Z is an electronically born child. Being based off of Error!Sans from Error!Tale (An AU of Undertale), she has completely black skin with a red background (Instead of normal eye whites), a black iris, and a white pupil in each eye. She’s almost as tall as Shogun, being 6’0. Z is incredibly human looking minus the pitch black skin and different eye color. She also has blue streaks under her eyes which only go down to her chin. Her fingers are yellow from the tip to the second knuckle and the rest of her fingers are an orange-ish red. Z is Shogun’s second “daughter”, or at least refers to herself as such. She has the ability to teleport, split apart, and can use electricity at her will. She has a disease that only people like her can contract called “Pixlexia” (which is a “real” thing). Z can also phase through inanimate objects and living creatures, no matter what they are and do the string thing that Error!Sans can do as well. Sexuality is Heterosexual

Shogun the Undead Hybrid Member

Drake is my first ever fairy oc. He has dragonfly wings that are about 5’ in wingspan, tip to tip of course. The wings are tinted turquoise in color with a black border around each of them. Drake has brown hair with dark green eyes, along with a very light skin tone. He likes archery and is about 5’10 in height. Drake’s wings are also pretty fragile even though he can fly with them without any difficulty. Sexuality is Heterosexual

Shogun the Undead Hybrid Member

Kyu is.. Obviously yet another shapeshifter. But here’s the kicker: She can shapeshift into anything besides plants and any inanimate object, the heck else is new? Oh.. Wait, she can take on the abilities of the creature that she shapeshifts into… So basically Rogue from the X-men only a Shapeshifter as well but no physical contact is needed to steal powers and no bad side-effects as well. While Kyu’s real age and name are unknown to anyone but herself, her actual appearance is. Her hair is brown with a natural red streak in it, which is actually one of her bangs. Her skin is pale and her eyes are a very dark blue, near navy. Kyu normally wears basic clothing without much design, so jeans and a plain white tee is really all she needs as to not drag attention to her plate. Sexuality is Heterosexual.

PixSkitt Chaos Member
Okay, two things that have annoyed me today. 

First but must recent. Don't fucking tell how long is ridiculous for waiting on a post. I am currently waiting for a reply that is never going to come for I believe that it has been about three years. So yeah, real life gets in the way. I might be on but it is to cheek on things. Some habits of mine don't die. 

Secondly, and the more annoying thing to me. Is children and their not spelling out words. Or, at least trying to use the gremmer skills from elementary school. I know I ain't the best at this. But, I at least try. Had so many get on me about being a Nazi about this. Ain't know one trying to belittle anyone for it. We are trying to teach you. To help you improve. Again, I ain't the best at spelling and gremmer. But, I am better at it because of people in the past whom have helped me. Instead of being an ungrateful brat, how about say, "Thank you," and appreciate that someone is willing to help you out. 

Side note, I am still the fucking asshole that if we ain't fucking close, or I don't know you. I will devour/rips appart/impale you for touching me. Also didn't spell cheek or anything since on mobile.

PixSkitt Chaos Sep 1 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3
Kaliah_Yukino Member
OC info

name: Kaliah Yukino

Eye color: one red eye the other is purple

Hair color: purple

interests: music, books, boxing, and playing the violin and piano, and loves school.

How she is: is a tsundere, tries to show kindness, daring, will punch anyone who hurts her and those she cares about, gets in alot of fights, and watches out for others but acts like its not for them.

Mina_Fairheart Member

1. First of all, no bullying and Abusing in/out of character those who do will be deleted and blocked from my profile. 

2.If you wish to have  sex with my charas, please keep in mind that sex is something you do out of love. And don't fall in love with the girl behind the charas. 

3. If I don't reply to your rp or comment right away it either means that I'm editing, helping my mom with house chores, or I'm feeling lazy. We all have our lazy days people ! 

4. Please don't send me one word rps, that has happened to me before in the past and I find them really boring. 

5. I can do one-liners, semi-lit, and semi-para make sure that you keep them simple cuz I get confused sometimes. 

6. I'm a nice person so if your nice to me I'll be nice to you back. 

7. I will let you know if I put up more charas or added some more rules on the stream, that way everyone can see it. 

8. When I rp I like to have fun and be creative, so if you're not having fun or if you lack creativity let me know and I will think of something to spice things up. 

Mina_Fairheart Aug 20 · Tags: rp rules
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