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The title of this post says it all. If you wish to win you must be the last one to post each month.

1. You can not double post: You can't post something and then post again. 

2. You must keep your posts within site rules.

3. Enjoy yourself
Pickles(MCRP) Jan 24 '16 · Comments: 11 · Tags: last post, game
Kzoki Faustus RPer
Each user posts an answer to all survey questions so far and then adds a new question. Gets longer and longer. NO REPEATS
Questions so far
1. Favourite Animal? 
2. Favourite Food? 
3. Favourite Video Game? 
4. Weapon of Choice?

5. Favourite RP Character race?
6. Favourite form of transportation?

7. Favourite Television Show?

I'll Start....

1. Favorite Animal?

Kzoki Faustus Apr 11 '16 · Comments: 5 · Tags: games, pointless, bored, boredom, questions, kzokis corner
Cdestroyer21 Member


(Stuff Ideas and things that inspired me to make My new Char Brandon Potts)

Traits: Insensitive. Creative, resourceful, and intellectually quick. Good at a broad range of things. Talented. Great ability to understand concepts and apply logic to find solutions. Rule breaker, risk taker, Comfortable in unfamiliar situations Adaptable. Acts without thinking. Not into organized religion. Adventurous. Aggressive. Not easily offended, dangerous, fearless Emotionally stable. Improviser, player, dominant.

A few things he's good at: strategist, pilot, mechanical engineer, assassin

Backstory: Brandon Potts Born in 2498(Sci-fi)In to a pretty rich family. He was very talented at the age of 5 and was a know it all in school getting A's only very few B's in his life. In his middle school years he was bullied so he started keeping to himself till one day he had enough so he fought back. He felt good after this but was suspended is which time he learned to control himself with his rage but he still kept to himself. After he was in high school he graduated early in many things like Math, science, Different lauggues even some of the harder to learn alien tongues.
After he graduated he joined the Navy(Space Navy) In sector 24 quickly rising the ranks leaning many things in the process like keeping calm in stressed moments some robotics weapon control and being a strategist, and Pilot.
Soon a war broke out he lost his friends and family on the planet he grew up on to an alien race which destroyed his planet and took all the survivors from the battle of his ship to make then fight in a pit on there mothership.
Every fight he had to kill a friend just to live slowly breaking down on the inside.
One day he team up with his last friend alive, his best friend and they tried to escape in a corvette class ship.
He made it but his friend died before he got to the ship.
He is now a wanted Assassin wanted for so much even the old empire is going after him for the price on his head and he can never truly trust anyone till he joined the pirates guild serving as there very best elite unit and ship commander who even has his own ship.
His new life began there and he never stopped working for them all this and now he's only his mid 20's

Cdestroyer21 Jun 7 · Comments: 5
Gamer Asuna Yuuki Member
HEY PEOPLE  im still new to this so help me
Gamer Asuna Yuuki Apr 20 · Comments: 4
Kzoki Faustus RPer
Easy game...I've picked five letters...and I've listed them. The next person has to make a sentence using just the five letters. Like this...


Begging me, Make Hummus Tonight

then leave your five letters...

I'll Start....
Kzoki Faustus Apr 11 '16 · Comments: 4 · Tags: bored, game, kzoki's corner, pointless
Bi Xia Member
Okay, two things that have annoyed me today. 

First but must recent. Don't fucking tell how long is ridiculous for waiting on a post. I am currently waiting for a reply that is never going to come for I believe that it has been about three years. So yeah, real life gets in the way. I might be on but it is to cheek on things. Some habits of mine don't die. 

Secondly, and the more annoying thing to me. Is children and their not spelling out words. Or, at least trying to use the gremmer skills from elementary school. I know I ain't the best at this. But, I at least try. Had so many get on me about being a Nazi about this. Ain't know one trying to belittle anyone for it. We are trying to teach you. To help you improve. Again, I ain't the best at spelling and gremmer. But, I am better at it because of people in the past whom have helped me. Instead of being an ungrateful brat, how about say, "Thank you," and appreciate that someone is willing to help you out. 

Side note, I am still the fucking asshole that if we ain't fucking close, or I don't know you. I will devour/rips appart/impale you for touching me. Also didn't spell cheek or anything since on mobile.

Bi Xia Sep 1 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3
Rosey Member
Name: Victoria Nickname: Vicky Species: Human/vampire Sexuality: Bisexual Age: undetermined (looks to be in her mid 20's) Appearance: she is about 5', she has black hair with white highlights, bright blue eyes (changed to red when she needs to feed) Hobbies: listening to music, drawing and taking long walks by the river Bio: Her mother had fallen in love with a vampire and they were to have a baby when she had become ill. The only thing that he knew to do was to bite her. When he did it had cured her but they child was born with the vamp virus in her blood causing her to be born half human half vampire. Victoria had gone most of her life listening to everyone else. One night when her parents had hosted a party at their house she had packed a bag and walked out. She now lived in a cabin on the outskirts of another small town. When she needed to feed she fed on the blood of the animals. She knew that her urges for human blood would get stronger the more that she resisted it.
Rosey Oct 23 · Comments: 1
Le Veuve Member
When Amelie Lacroix had her son and daughter she thought it would be a happy family with her husband Gerard Lacroix. When she was taken by Talon Gerard took the kids unders Mercy's wing to watch over them for a while until Amelie was found and safe. But after she was found and when she killed Gerard in his sleep when they were together as a family, the kids were never going to forget what she did to him or what they heard of his last words as he bleed to death saying "My love....I'll always love you..." When the kids heard the LOUD SHOT they ran to see and saw their mom covered with blood splats on her lips and down to her belly. They were frozen with fear and ran to Mercy as help that they could only think of. When Amelie saw her kids run with fear she knew she had a new delight coming to her with every sudden kill, she'll feel even more deadly and powerful.

When the kids grew up over the 19yrs they still were wanting to see their mother but Noah (the son) wasn't wanting to see his killer mother, but his sister Lola (the daughter) convinced him to see her cause they were still their mom and kids. Talon did test on her making Amelie (Widowmaker) into a sleeper agent and soon was the best things Talon has done overall with their men. But as soon as Widow heard about her kids she got flash backs seeing them with their dad in the snow and out in the sunshine for a few moments then she'll remember them. Noah sent out a hidden message that their dad taught them just in case they needed them when they were in help, with that in the system of Talon's computers (they don't know yet) Widow saw it and went to the location it said to meet them at. So Widow went there and saw her kids in 19yrs. Widow saying "My children all grown up fully made for battle like your dad an myself. You should join me in Talon and work together to show what Talon is and what it wants the world to be without Overwatch in the way it should be easy, without any interferences it should go smooth. Lola i'll teach you how to snipe like me and for you my man Noah...i'll have Reaper teach you a bit then me for the rest." She went on and on but never did bring up that night were she last saw her kids run in fear from her with their faces in tears and beating hearts that she could hear like nothing else.

Three months later..

   "There you go Lola but faster and stealthier! Lola come on you'll get killed easily by doing that". When the training was over Lola and Noah will see each other for only a 1hr then train more and more with only a long break for sleeping but it'll get cut down further on in training. They were told to go to France their homeland to kill a group of OverWatch vets. trying to make a gang of soldiers going to strike a Head facility that trains genes to work with the stuff that made Widow and soon HeartBreaker. So they killed them with style using Lola as a young female loring them into a clear field for a perfect shot for Widow and Lola to kill the rest with her chain whip, with razor sharp blades that could cut off a limb of a body smooth as silk. Now they had news of Noah going under a stage that would put his life at risk under a malfunction having only a very low chance of living...

end of part 1

Le Veuve Sep 26 · Comments: 1 · Tags: talon, overwatch
FlareIncurDerek Member

Name: Skylar Quinn

Age: Varies

Height: 5' 5"

Race: White

(She has the same Bio as Harley Quinn, just black and white hair)

Bio: Skylar has always been the odd one out. But her parents being insane makes it worse. She was never made to be insane. She is the daughter of Harley Quinn and the Joker. But no one knows that.

Her normal attire...She doesn't have any! Hah! She usually wears a tank top and skinny jeans as her normal attire. She always has a beanie on.

Her costume, or whatever her mother calls it is a black and white, mime like outfit. It is skin tight like many of the DC female outfits. But it is almost exactly like her mother's. And when she wears it, she covers her face in various shades of a pale white to make a skull on it.

Skeleton Makeup

FlareIncurDerek Jan 10 · Comments: 1
Bi Xia Member

It had been about five years since he had died. Five long years without life. At least the life he had known once. He was not really sure what it was that happened. He did know he had been saved from the grasps of the old clan. For thanks he had served and learned from the old pirate that saved him. Being able to travel around, not only the world, but different dimensions. When that was over, he traveled by himself. That had been at least a year ago. 

Currently he had sat in a tea house, Kenji's Teahouse to be exact. Located in an unfamiliar world where it had always been nighttime. Riddled with war and violence.  The tea house had been relaxing, a welcomed, wonderful contrast to the world around it. Built in the shrine of the worlds Entity of light. IT had been at that place, where he would reconnect in a small way to the life he left when he had died. 

Five years since he was able to see the familiar green eyes from the raven haired man that he had looked up to, and was raised by. Able to see him once again, and talk a bit about how they have been in the last five years. The only other one he had really wanted to know about was his mother. The young Hashco Prince could still be confused to be a female. But, mostly due to his long hair. 

He still had his long black and dark blue hair, black veins showing through pale skin, and blue eyes in a pool of black. A cursed Unseelie that had grown into a young man with in those five years away. Had slumped down into the booth across from Takeshi. The green eyed ravenette that had taken to coming to the tea house to visit his young master. Illias had not spoken, and rested his head on the table much like he had done on the many restless nights of his youth.  "You look like you have had a sleepless night, young master." 

The voice was welcomed to the younger male. Nodding his head. "One of those sleepless nights, Takeshi. Much like those dreams from my childhood. Though, they do not come as often anymore." A parcial lie on his part. He had learned to sleep through those dreams, it had actually been new nightmares that would wake him from his slumber. That had made it so that he could not sleep. Through, this scene of him sitting down across the table as Takeshi had made tea for them both, had been all too familiar for the two. The ten years that spanned from late early childhood years, to mid-teen years. 

Instead of the fifteen year old, prince and hier to the Hashco clan, sat the twenty year old, Illias. He had just dropped his last name, from being told that that part of his life had died that night. Though, it was nice to slip back into the memories of the late night tea, and talks with Takeshi. Still being seen as the young master the Butler had known. 

A blurred line of reality of the now, and the memories of what was. Blended together as they drank their tea. Eventually going up to a room in the tea house, to spend the night. Five years apart, and it was as if nothing had changed, though so much has.   

Bi Xia Dec 28 '16 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1
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