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Okay, two things that have annoyed me today. 

First but must recent. Don't fucking tell how long is ridiculous for waiting on a post. I am currently waiting for a reply that is never going to come for I believe that it has been about three years. So yeah, real life gets in the way. I might be on but it is to cheek on things. Some habits of mine don't die. 

Secondly, and the more annoying thing to me. Is children and their not spelling out words. Or, at least trying to use the gremmer skills from elementary school. I know I ain't the best at this. But, I at least try. Had so many get on me about being a Nazi about this. Ain't know one trying to belittle anyone for it. We are trying to teach you. To help you improve. Again, I ain't the best at spelling and gremmer. But, I am better at it because of people in the past whom have helped me. Instead of being an ungrateful brat, how about say, "Thank you," and appreciate that someone is willing to help you out. 

Side note, I am still the fucking asshole that if we ain't fucking close, or I don't know you. I will devour/rips appart/impale you for touching me. Also didn't spell cheek or anything since on mobile.

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Pickles(MCRP) Hiatus

Hello everyone I've been seeing more and more people on this site starting to get interested in combat roleplaying but aren't really sure how to get stronger or grow outside of sparring matches. As such I'm going to start posting weekly blogs that may help others grow within this field of roleplaying. First off let's talk about your character's story.


Now I know what a lot of people may be thinking, "Pickles I want to fight with this character why would I need a good story?" Well the answer to that would be easier your character can't grow in strength and power without a legitimately storyline to back them up. In combat roleplaying you will meet a lot of people who will call out god mod on every move you make and unless you have that storyline to show you do indeed have this technique or power then you may just get marked as a god modder which will stop a lot of people from wanting to fight you.


Generally speaking if you have this awesome idea in your head and want to get your character to master it and use in a fight then you should get someone to help you generate a storyline where your character trains to use that power. Some of the most powerful characters out there usually have some sort of storyline where they trained themselves up to do the feats they are able to do. No one starts out as some ultimate badass that was a master of everything even Superman didn't understand all of his abilities till much later in his storyline. This is exactly why you need a storyline and a roleplay going on to generate your powers and abilities. Without one you're just power modding and god modding.


So now it comes into what your story should entail. Well that should be easy enough it's a roleplay of your characters life and what happened to them. Normally this can start in their bio but if you start it with a bio make sure you don't leave anything out. To a combat roleplayer your character sheet is one of the most important documents. It's what tells of your character's history, strengths, weaknesses, powers, abilities, techniques. Everything that your character has is there and that's why many CRPers simply keep the full character sheet to themselves out of fear from someone using it against them. As such everything on that character needs to be done in a story. If it's not done then it's unusable. Heck the story can even lead to you using your power in a way you didn't even think of using it which will lead to new techniques and ideas to further your character along.


I hope this helps out some new combat roleplayers out there. Enjoy! 

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It had been about five years since he had died. Five long years without life. At least the life he had known once. He was not really sure what it was that happened. He did know he had been saved from the grasps of the old clan. For thanks he had served and learned from the old pirate that saved him. Being able to travel around, not only the world, but different dimensions. When that was over, he traveled by himself. That had been at least a year ago. 

Currently he had sat in a tea house, Kenji's Teahouse to be exact. Located in an unfamiliar world where it had always been nighttime. Riddled with war and violence.  The tea house had been relaxing, a welcomed, wonderful contrast to the world around it. Built in the shrine of the worlds Entity of light. IT had been at that place, where he would reconnect in a small way to the life he left when he had died. 

Five years since he was able to see the familiar green eyes from the raven haired man that he had looked up to, and was raised by. Able to see him once again, and talk a bit about how they have been in the last five years. The only other one he had really wanted to know about was his mother. The young Hashco Prince could still be confused to be a female. But, mostly due to his long hair. 

He still had his long black and dark blue hair, black veins showing through pale skin, and blue eyes in a pool of black. A cursed Unseelie that had grown into a young man with in those five years away. Had slumped down into the booth across from Takeshi. The green eyed ravenette that had taken to coming to the tea house to visit his young master. Illias had not spoken, and rested his head on the table much like he had done on the many restless nights of his youth.  "You look like you have had a sleepless night, young master." 

The voice was welcomed to the younger male. Nodding his head. "One of those sleepless nights, Takeshi. Much like those dreams from my childhood. Though, they do not come as often anymore." A parcial lie on his part. He had learned to sleep through those dreams, it had actually been new nightmares that would wake him from his slumber. That had made it so that he could not sleep. Through, this scene of him sitting down across the table as Takeshi had made tea for them both, had been all too familiar for the two. The ten years that spanned from late early childhood years, to mid-teen years. 

Instead of the fifteen year old, prince and hier to the Hashco clan, sat the twenty year old, Illias. He had just dropped his last name, from being told that that part of his life had died that night. Though, it was nice to slip back into the memories of the late night tea, and talks with Takeshi. Still being seen as the young master the Butler had known. 

A blurred line of reality of the now, and the memories of what was. Blended together as they drank their tea. Eventually going up to a room in the tea house, to spend the night. Five years apart, and it was as if nothing had changed, though so much has.   

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First Name: Ianthe

Last Name: Unknown

Race:  Dhampir 

Age: Younger than her sister, appears around the same age, real age unknown

Height: 5'3"

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Blue normally, turning crimson red while in battle, using her abilities, or feasting.

History: The younger of two sisters born of a human mother and a vampire father. Ianthe holds great resentment toward vampires, as she is convinced that they killed her father and made up a story to cover their tracks. She has always looked up to Iasaneli, but after they found out their mother was terminally ill, she took off in search for more information about her father's death. 

Personality: Ianthe is a coldhearted and disciplined. Her time as a high-ranking military leader has shaped her to think tactically, and less with her emotions. She is almost the complete opposite of her sister, Iasaneli. 

Abilities: Like her sister, Ianthe is capable of healing small wounds. She also has heightened senses due to her being part vampire. She has 100% accuracy with almost all weapons, having trained extensively with them while in the military. 

Weapon(s): She is seen with a medium-length bladed sword most of the time, but is well-versed in how to use most weapons and is a dead-on shot. Never misses a target.

Photo: (See album on profile page)

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