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The Gemstone Workshop

Welcome one and all to the amazing emporium that is, The Gemstone Workshop. As many of you here may know, I have a massive addiction to editing. However, I often run out of pictures to edit, so this is your chance to grab an edit, or two, maybe even three.

Piper (Karengale), will charge for overly complicated manipulations or more than one of them, so be prepared to discuss a price with her.

Lyn will also be here to help if you prefer her style. It's something that well, we both decided on. We both love editing and stuff so we thought, why not? XD 

Roll up roll up and form an orderly line ;D
Queen Kerin Oracle Artist
Queen Kerin Oracle Jan 22 '16
This is a pretty easy thing for me to do, the majority of the time it takes me ten minutes tops. So go wild if you want me to.

Please provide the image you wish the colours to be changed on:
Which parts do you want changed and how? (please be as detailed as possible):
Do you want a name or username put on it?:
Do you want an image overlayed?:
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