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Queen Kerin Oracle Jan 22 '16
The sky is a fickle thing, some times it's blue, sometimes it's grey. There are even times that it turns an orange color, pink too. But then at the end of every day, it becomes an endless black sheet speckled with white. From up here not even the street lights could dull the light of those white speckles, known as stars. High rise buildings, they were ugly looking things, unnatural, yet they were a sign that the race of man had yet again conquered knowledge and technology. The bigger the high rise, the richer the person that owned it. Most of them were rented out to businesses, others turned into apartment buildings. Never-the-less, here I am, standing right at the top of a high rise building. I can feel the soft caress of the cold air brushing over my bare cheeks and through the hair that had chosen not to put up in a bauble today.

Orange hair flicked in the wind like wild flames rising in the night, greyish-blue eyes starring up at the sky that had been that black speckled state for a few hours now. Am I going to jump? Don't be insane, that usually results in death. I am, however, standing on the very edge. Like a metaphor, I am on the edge of my patience as well as this rooftop. So much has happened that I'm just not sure I can hold my temper any more. People can be so cruel, heartless in fact, that I no longer want to be near them. Standing up here gives me clarity, freedom to think and do as i wish. No one ever comes up here, they never think that some one else would be here, thinking of their life. Most people were tucked up in their beds at this time any way.

The chill from the higher wind currents sent shivers running all over my body as though they were chasing each other around it. It amuses me the way it does that, sending goosebumps around one arm, down the same side of my back, my leg then back up to my head and deciding to do the same on the other side. It's just so peaceful up here, that I'm failing to notice the clicking noise of the door behind me. Now I can hear something, footfalls coming toward me. I'm turning around now, but it's too late. I really shouldn't have been standing right on the edge. Feeling a hand shoving me is the stuff of nightmares. I thought i would at least end up screaming on the way down but I'm not. The air won't seem to let me even breathe. I'm numb now, my eyes are dimming and as the last bit of air leaves my body, all I can think is "At least my last moments were peaceful", strange really, isn't it?

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