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Pickles(MCRP) Jan 21 '16

1. No Sexual References: If you are caught making sexual references or advancements in any part of the forum you will be banned without notice. If you wish to use adult content within your topics, then please post within the 18+ Sections of the Forums. However, there will be no sexual content on the site.


2. No discussion of illegal actions or practices: Though this should be self-explanatory we will still go over it. Illegal actions and practices are as stated with the name, illegal. If you can’t discuss them in public, why would it be allowed to be discussed here? If you are caught discussion such actions your topic will be removed and you will be given a strict one time warning. If you fail to adhere to said warning, we will be forced to go to the authorities and report you. As well you will be permanently banned from the site.


3. Keep swearing to a minimal level: Swearing is fine but using terms or references that are over the top or offensive you will be asked to stop. As well please don't use swearing in every sentence you post or be cussing every other word.


4. Do Not Spam: Spamming includes 1-2 word comments, posting the same comment multiple times in the same or different forums, having a comment that consists of nothing but Emoticons, having a comment that consists of nothing but caps.


5. Do not insult the site, the staff, or members in your posts. Respect is a key feature here on the site. As such use of respect is highly wanted. Treat others how you wish to be treated.


6. Do not backseat moderate: Backseat moderating is seeing someone breaking the rules and taking matters into your own hands. While we do appreciate our members reminding each other of our rules, we will not tolerate our members acting as staff on the site. There is a difference between reminding a member and acting like a moderator. Acting like a moderator is when you’re actively see another member trying to enforce the rules of the site. Reminding is simply them saying something along the lines of, "If you keep doing this than chances are you're going to get in trouble." If you see someone trying to enforce the rules but they are not a member of the staff, contact a moderator(mod) or an administrator (admin) and they'll take care of it accordingly.


7. No Advertising other sites in your posts, groups, blogs, profiles, or videos If you wish to discuss an affiliation with our site then please private message one of the administrators.


8. No Necro-Posting: If the topic you wish to comment on has gone 2 months without a new post do not post on that without giving a legitimate reason to a mod or admin why you are posting.


9. No Bullying: Here at the Nerdalius we do not tolerate any type of bullying or bullying in the form of "Trolling". Joking around is fine and you can have fun with it but if you don't like what someone is saying or feel that someone is attacking you in some sort of way state clearly that you do not like it and contact a member of the staff. We have a zero tolerance policy here and there for will act as if it is their second offense or above.


10. This website is 13+. If you are not of age you will be asked to leave the site. 

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Pickles(MCRP) Admin
Pickles(MCRP) Nov 17 '16
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