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Pickles(MCRP) Admin
Pickles(MCRP) Jan 22 '16
Show off your YGO decks here.
Zaio Volnutt Member
Zaio Volnutt Jan 22 '16
Well then I guess I'll pop the cherry here and give ya'll the treat.

Triple Threat Dragon Deck

This is the deck that im currently building and damn it worked like crazy. Got so many wombo combos and answers to plenty of problems that can be thrown at it.

Main idea is to get out the three boss monsters (Blue, Red and Odd-eyes) out and deal with it Blue eyes answers to those pesky problematic cards that stops plays from happening Example Naturia beast. Red eyes grants more open plays and actually helps summon out the ritual monster  Odd-eyes gravity dragon due to the fact that its able to recycle easily. Then Odd eyes Gravity dragon is there as a way to control the game ensure that the pace is set etc. etc.

There are more to it with the lvl 1 tuner granting access to lvl 2,8,9 synchros and access to rank 1 and rank 9 due to cloudcastle which is a great card to use in this deck.

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Tiel Member
Tiel Mar 31 '16
Posting this from my topic I made for the deck earlier this week.

Visual deck list:

Illusion Magician Girls

Text List


[3] Dark Magician

[2] Magician of Black Illusion

[2] Dark Magician Girl

[1] Kiwi Magician Girl

[3] Magician's Rod

[1] Apple Magician Girl

[1] Kuribandit

[2] Lemon Magician Girl

[1] Magician's Robe

[2] Berry Magician Girl


[1] Allure of Darkness

[1] The Eye of Timaeus

[2] Dark Magic Attack

[1] Raigeki

[2] Magical Spring

[2] Twin Twister

[1] Dark Burning Magic

[2] Illusion Magic

[2] Dark Magic Circle

[1] Magic Formula


[2] Magician's Navigate

[3] Eternal Soul

[2] Solemn Strike

[1] Solemn Warning

Extra Deck

[1] Amulet Dragon

[1] Dark Paladin

[1] Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight

[1] Number 11: Big Eye

[2] Ebon Illusion Magician

[2] Ebon Void Magician

[1] Norito the Moral Leader

[1] Magi Magi * Magician Gal

[1] Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction

[1] Shining Elf

[1] Herald of Pure Light

[1] Slacker Magician

Side Deck

None yet, still tinkering with the main build first.

Core strategy

The basic strategy is field control. The most common and lethal method (in my opinion) is the combination of Eternal Soul and Dark Magic Circle, which allows me to Special Summon Dark Magician each turn and banish cards each turn. Lemon can help me to fetch Magician's Rod when I need the direct search power as well as provide an extra way to Special Summon my Magicians. 

A great first turn is to Normal Summon Berry Magician Girl, use her to search out Lemon Magician Girl, setup Dark Magic Circle and a face-down Eternal Soul and Illusion Magic.

When Berry is attacked, she goes into DEF mode and Summons Apple Magician Girl from the deck. We then use Illusion Magic to tribute Berry Magician Girl and fetch 2 copies of Dark Magician. If they attack Apple, she then activates, and Special Summons Lemon from hand, halves the attacker's ATK and makes them attack Lemon, which activates Lemon's effect. She then Special Summons Dark Magician from my hand, halves the attacker AGAIN and makes them attack the Dark Magician PLUS Dark Magic Circle will let me banish 1 card they control.

Card choices

Kuribandit helps me to get to my Spells I need faster, as well as dig for my Eternal Soul and can put Magician's Rod in the Graveyard. This is important because Rod can be recovered during my opponent's turn if I resolve a Spell or Trap card (or its effect) and then Tribute a Spellcaster. This works especially well during the opponent's end phase with Dark Magician and Eternal Soul, allowing me to tribute the Dark Magician to recover the Rod, and being able to setup a new Special Summon of DM to retrigger the Circle.

Magical Spring. A semi-decent draw spell, as well as giving me some discard fodder to pitch Rod and Robe, which can be recovered and Summoned later. Plus, if I pitch either of them, or even both, during the opponent's turn, I can immediately recover/summon them thanks to the resolution of the Magical Spring itself.

Magic Formula is now searchable by the Magician's Rod and Dark Magic Circle and has 7 targets in the deck to equip to. Sure, Equip Spells are not the best of choices, but once in a while, that 700 ATK boost is much needed. It's like a condom. It is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

Dark Burning Magic. A Quick Play field nuke that only requires I have out the two Dark Magician monsters (DM and DMG). I can accomplish that on turn 1. Plus it's also searchable by the Rod and Circle.

Card Options

Dark Renewal. This card has been such a classic Dark Magician card for years in the anime and manga, that it seems a shame to not try running it now. This baby can even still be used while Vanity's Emptiness is on the field, because the Summoning effect is totally optional!

Legion the Fiend Jester can make for an instant Dark Magician Girl on turn 1 and fetches my Dark Magician when he hits the grave.

Skilled Dark Magician. Sadly a lot slower than the new style but still a great beater who CAN get the Dark Magician on board.

Thousand Knives. A single target pop spell. I don't know how viable it would be, but I think it's at least still worth considering, since it has 3 cards in this deck that can search for it. 

Reasoning. Would function similarly to Kuribandit's role but can also gain me a field presence. I have levels 1-7 in this deck, so it would not be the worst idea.

A third copy of Dark Magic Circle. I don't think I need a third one in all honesty, but having three would improve the odds of drawing into it.


Well that covers all the basics here. Let me know what you think and I'll see you around~

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