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Seraph (MCRP) RPer
Seraph (MCRP) Jan 21 '16
Feel free to introduce yourself here. Say some things you're interested in, some things you're looking forward to, or anything about yourself you'd like to share.

As an example, I'll go first.

Hey everyone. I'm Seraph, your 3am lurker mod. My favorite Pokemon is Dunsparce, and my favorite hobby is beating people with foam weapons I mean LARPing. I also roleplay online from time to time. Nice to meet you all!

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goddess haruhi shilūta RPer
Hey there guys my name is haruhi, my interests are horses, anime, drawing, reading and writing fan-fictions. My favorite animes are kyo kara moah, saiyuki, wolf-girl and black prince, haruhi suzumiya and many more. My hobbies are horse riding and drawing animals e.g= horses and wolves

I have been roleplaying for about 9 or 10 years now and I can't stop doing it haha - anyway lovely to meet you all-

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