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Pickles(MCRP) Admin
Pickles(MCRP) Jan 21 '16
Hello everyone I would like to let you know a few easy and simply tips and tricks to help keep your activity on this site for yourself and with others flowing steadily.

Tip 1: Put yourself out there.

It's easy to just add people you know but to really keep activity going try to get to know other people on the site. Add them talk with them privately. Finding yourself common interests with others can help keep not only yourself active but to keep you in touch with other members and to gradually get further into your interests and other possibly find new interests you didn't think to explore before.

Tip 2: Commenting on other peoples profiles.

When someone comments on your profile comment back on theirs. This will help because once you do this they'll get a notification that you commented and it will keep a nice steady flow in the conversation. You're trying to establish.

Tip 3: Be Respectful.

Even though it's a rule you gotta remember that there is still another person behind that screen looking at what you say. As such try to be mindful of what you're posting. However that doesn't mean you need to have a stick up your ass either. You don't need to come off as uptight or the fun police.

Tip 4: Be Open Minded.

Having an open mind is a key aspect to make friends and keep a steady pace of comments and activity in general. There may be things you see that you don't generally agree with, however that doesn't mean you should immediately be put off by those things either. By having an open mind you generally learn more about those aspects or opinions that may help you gain a better understanding. Thus an important little trick to keep a steady flow of activity.

If you have anymore tips and tricks feel free to comment below. Help to keep people active is always accepted on the site.

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