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Pickles(MCRP) Admin
Pickles(MCRP) Jan 21 '16
When posting suggestions try to follow this simply guide to ensure that your suggestion is taken into consideration. While one person may post something that's nearly identical to your idea, if your idea is suggested in a sloppy way that doesn't necessarily explain what you're trying to suggest it probably will be put off.

1. A clear title that sums up the suggestion you're making. By making your topic subject clear and concise it helps us determine where the topic may lead and will probably be taken more seriously than a topic that says, "Y'all need to implant this."

2. Explaining in detail the suggestion your making. By having clear detail to the suggestion we can more closely look at the ins and outs of what you want done and how we can possibly make it happen. We're always looking to make the site more user-friendly, cleaner, and allows more features in the future. If you can explain in clear detail we can probably find something that is what you're looking for and try to figure out a way to implement it.

3. Explaining the benefits it may have for the site when implemented.This is a big one because if it doesn't really benefit the site or the users in anyway what use does it really have honestly? Clearly explaining what what it can do allows us to determine better if it's something the site needs to have now or in the future.

Doing these three easy steps can ensure that your topic is delivered to the staff in such a way that we can closely look at what our users want to have on the site and will give you a stronger chance that your opinion will be heard.
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