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Welcome one and all to the amazing emporium that is, The Gemstone Workshop. As many of you here may know, I have a massive addiction to editing. However, I often run out of pictures to edit, so this is your chance to grab an edit, or two, maybe even three.

Piper (Karengale), will charge for overly complicated manipulations or more than one of them, so be prepared to discuss a price with her.

Lyn will also be here to help if you prefer her style. It's something that well, we both decided on. We both love editing and stuff so we thought, why not? XD 

Roll up roll up and form an orderly line ;D
Queen Kerin Oracle Artist
Queen Kerin Oracle Jan 22 '16
This is where things get a little more complex. Because I am literally manipulating the images, it takes some details. Please be aware that if I feel the manipulation is too complex or you have asked for more than one, I will charge you. I don't charge the same for each person because not everyone has the same amount of money, but these manipulations take a lot of time and time is money for someone like me, so I hope you understand.

Do you want one like image [1] or [2]? - This is something you will have to chose because there are two different styles for obvious reasons ^^

Which people/drawn characters are being used?:
How many different characters are you wanting in the image?:
Colour scheme?:
The story behind it - love, hate, pain, joy?:
Do you want a creative little poem or passage on the image?:
If yes, do you have one thought out (please tell me it in this answer if you have):
Do you want any usernames displayed on it?:

What person/drawn character am I changing?:
What do you want done to the character? (be as detailed as possible please, every bit helps ^^):
What species is your character? (vampire, demon, werewolf, human, maybe a hybrid? This will help me to understand the way the final piece should look)
Tell me a little of the personality of the character, just the basics and their allignment too please ^^:
Any wording/username or character name to be displayed on it?:
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Pickles(MCRP) Admin
Pickles(MCRP) Mar 24
Hey Pipi I would like a new MCRP photo much like the last one you did but with the five characters linked below. It will need Pickles MCRP within the photo as well as small but large enough to fill the avatar image for this site. Thanks Pipi! 
  Korbin Goodwin.png (301Kb)
  Unoti Talius (Drow).jpg (173Kb)
  Eustace demon form.jpg (90Kb)
  Takehiko Oracle.jpg (145Kb)
  Matsumoto Kojihara.jpg (5Kb)
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