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Roleplayer's R Us

Roleplayer's R Us

This is just a little group for all the Roleplayers of the site to sit and chat together. Because who wants to go out of your way finding RPs when we're all right here? COME DOWN TO RP'S R US FOR ALL YOUR RP NEEDS.
  • Created: Jan 22 '16
  • Admin: Razren


Razren Admin
Pickles(MCRP) Admin
Seraph (MCRP) RPer
Agentyamski (MCRP) Hiatus
Samuel Rodriguez Member
goddess haruhi shilūta RPer
Apex' Member
Necruta Member
Jain vi Bookshelvia Member

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burym4n Member
Yesterday, 10:27
Kaliah_Yukino Member
Aug 31
hi im kaliah yukino *bows*
Gamer Asuna Yuuki Member
Jul 30
hello anyone wanna rp?
Cdestroyer21 Member
Jul 26
Randle Lacroix Member
Jul 26
Does anyone want to Rp?
Randle Lacroix Member
Jun 22
Hi. I'm Randle. Does anyone want to rp?
Cdestroyer21 Member
Jun 7
who want's to RP a sci-fi RP with me It may not be long term I just want pratise with a new char I made
zachie Member
Apr 24
meeeeeow *wiggles tail*


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