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Roleplayer's R Us

Roleplayer's R Us

This is just a little group for all the Roleplayers of the site to sit and chat together. Because who wants to go out of your way finding RPs when we're all right here? COME DOWN TO RP'S R US FOR ALL YOUR RP NEEDS.
  • Created: Jan 22 '16
  • Admin: Razren
Razren Admin
Activity: Nov 7
Seraph (MCRP) RPer
Seraph (MCRP)
Activity: Nov 6
Agentyamski (MCRP) Hiatus
Agentyamski (MCRP)
Activity: Yesterday, 21:54
Samuel Rodriguez Member
Samuel Rodriguez
Activity: Nov 19
goddess haruhi shilūta RPer
goddess haruhi shilūta
Activity: 3 hours ago
Apex' Member
Activity: Sep 13
Necruta Member
Activity: Nov 3
Jain vi Bookshelvia Member
Jain vi Bookshelvia
Activity: Jul 30
Zaio Volnutt Member
Zaio Volnutt
Activity: 17 hours ago
Emmaline Sage Gibson Member
Emmaline Sage Gibson
Activity: Nov 17
Queen Kerin Oracle Artist
Queen Kerin Oracle
Activity: 15 hours ago
KingJaytonic Writer
Activity: Oct 23 '16
TrueHeartKnight Member
Activity: Nov 10
Emma Swan Member
Emma Swan
Activity: Feb 22
Bi Xia Member
Bi Xia
Activity: 8 hours ago
Sweetest Embrace [Slight hiatus] Mod
Sweetest Embrace [Slight hiatus]
Activity: 10 hours ago
Nightcore Member
Activity: Oct 23
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