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In a world where humans are protected by beings known as Rapiers with strange weapons known as Shinkai they are based on phenomenal presence but there are evil beings who are known to devour human souls to gain strength these beings are known as Akuma's warriors that were meant to protect the gates of Hell itself. Both beings live in an environment near human settlements such as cities in both the Northern, Southern, Western, and Eastern Hemisphere, but the main bases are located in the Eastern Hemisphere. The home of the Akuma's is known as Aklumas, a base buried in the base of a dead volcano near the city of Tokyo and the Rapiers base is known as the Void, a base hidden in a park. Both of the beings are commanded by leaders known as Grandmaster's. The middle class are known as Captain's and underneath the Captains are Lieutenants that serve their Captains including the Grandmaster. The rest of the beings are just commonly known as Rapiers and Akumas. Humans are not able to see the beings because they lack the ability to sense phenomenal presences, but there are special humans known as Believers. Believers are humans that have seen death and can generate phenomenal energy and they can become one of these beings by picking up the beings Shinkai then from there the weapon will convert to their phenomenal energy and change into a sword, dual swords, scythe's, staff's, warhammers, bows, etc., and there are many powers of the shinkai such as, Water, fire, earth,etc. but the most dangerous and strongest of all shinkai is three types known as, Lunar, Solar, and Doragon (Dragon). But the only way a human can see a Rapier or Akuma is if the Grandmaster reveals the base to the world. But it is possible to become a Half breed, a species that could possible set the world in peace but it depends if the parents were Akuma and a Rapier if they have a sibling that has chosen a side such as, when the child is born they develop a soul of one of the mother, but if there is another child then that child would develop to the soul the same as the other child but will have the identical soul as the fathers then both children are destine to become one of the beings, but if a child has the extra soul like a Akuma and picks up a Rapier's shinkai, then that child will develop a Rapier's soul then the child will become a Half-Breed............

The thing is, when someone picks up a Rapier or a Akuma's shinkai they must never go back......

(This is a story I'm writing so if it sounds stupid sorry and feel free to make your bio!!!)


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