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Hey everyone. First off I'd like to welcome the new and returning members to the site. I hope you all can find topics and roleplays you're interested in. Furthermore, I'd like to annouce that Karengale and I have spoken and the Nerdalius shall be hosting the festival that was suppose to be on RPS. I hope to see many of you particpating in the event.



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Prince0fTsundere Veteran
Jun 17
I have finally gotten Yugioh Vrains ED song :3
Booker Member
Jun 16
I want to burn my final exams
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Prince0fTsundere Veteran
Jun 16
zachie Member
Jun 16
Sweetest Embrace [MCRP] Veteran
Jun 15
For all you awesome gamer people, come check out this stream and support please! Follow, watch, and enjoy. :D https://www.twitch.tv/bloodsword169107For all you awesome gamer people, come check out this stream and support please! Follow, watch, and enjoy. :D See more
Strikingly Beautiful Creatures MCRP Mod
Jun 5
Hey everyone, enjoying your summer break? That's good to hear. Love you all. <3
Booker Member
Jun 3
Seems like this website is getting more and more deserted every day
Moonstone Member
Jun 1
So...anyone else obessed with/fond of Villainous?
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