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Hey everyone. First off I'd like to welcome the new and returning members to the site. I hope you all can find topics and roleplays you're interested in. Furthermore, I'd like to annouce that Karengale and I have spoken and the Nerdalius shall be hosting the festival that was suppose to be on RPS. I hope to see many of you particpating in the event.



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Karengale Anakainoo RPer
Yesterday, 20:17
Oh, Castiel, just so you know, I have supernatural OC's if you ever wanna roleplay
Untamable Admin
Yesterday, 14:07
^^ It'll all pick up, but yeah, contribute like Pickles said.~
Mina_Fairheart Member
Yesterday, 14:02
Pickles(MCRP) Admin
Yesterday, 13:56
Not really we're getting more activity lately. Just need to contribute to it :P
Mina_Fairheart Member
Yesterday, 13:35
* sighs * This place looks dead.
Pixinated Skittles Member
Yesterday, 11:08
Booker RPer
Yesterday, 07:15
I'm getting 2 teeth pulled soon ;-;
Castiel Member
Yesterday, 05:57
I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.
Pickles(MCRP) Admin
Yesterday, 04:08
Hey Cas, welcome to the site. If you ever need anything feel free to contact me.
Castiel Member
Aug 17
Hello, I'm a little new. Just wanting to make my presence known. Have a wonderful day.
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