A baby's cry broke out in the early hours of Friday the 13th of April 1627 in a small village that was hidden and situated in the mountains on the Southern border of France in present to her Father and her families' private doctor. The village never, ever had tourists, neither was it on any of the local maps of the Country. It was constituted of all non-human beings. The only human beings that were present in this area were maids and servants from the families of these creatures. The higher ups; the main families of the village bought from the black market in which poor, debt ridden humans from all over the world would sell their children at a high price.

Isabelle L'Enfant Feu was the third and last child to her proud parents. Her elder siblings was that off a pair of twin males - Spencer and Jinx. There was only a mere twenty years that separated the brothers and the new born child. The gap seemed a lot in human, mortal  years but for those that pretty much were close to 'immortal' the gap would be non-existent when the child would be an adult. Her elder brothers were complete opposite off each other. Spencer was a vampire; not a trace of feline demon blood ran in his veins. He took after their fathers heritage, tall dark haired and handsome where as Jinx took after their lovely Mother. He was a pure blooded demon, tall faired haired and as handsome as Spencer. Isabelle was an abomination, a special abomination to the family. Since she never shared a twin, to take after only one of their parents, the newborn had inherited both traits from her parents.

It was a noticed within a few days off Isabelle's birth that the child had inherited elemental control over fire. A trait not seen since her Great-Great-Great-Grandfather had walked the Earth. The pure newborn would accidently set things alight, unaware off the danger she would possess. Now, immortals weren't really all that immortal. Every immortal could die; it just took the right way to kill them. The child had inherited fire. After all, every demon originally is a spawn of Satan. Isabelle was seen as both a curse and gift to the family. She was the only hybrid ever to have been born; every one of her family members were twins.

The first couple of years were normal for the family, everything was perfect. Isabelle was taught from a very young age on who she could interact with. Humans were not one of them. They were merely just her food source to keep her vampire side at bay. It was a twisted personality. Her demon side was much more dominant in her that that was the form she was accustomed to the most. So it was only on rare occasions that she would actually need to venture out into human cities and villages, but since she was a child it was her Father that took the liberty off collecting what the child needed.

It was when the child turned two that things started to go downhill. 'Terrible Twos' was a certain understatement on how Isabelle was with her childish tantrums off not getting what she wanted. Beside the fact the children from the other founding families of the village began to tease her at this point for being completely different. Now, the way in which Isabelle's magical power worked was all dependant on her natural rage. The angrier, frustrated she was, the hotter her flames became. And having tantrums day in and day out was certainly a task for her family. Disaster struck on one of these unfortunate nights. Isabelle was having the worse tantrums to ever come from the a child off her size and age. Since it was in the middle of the night , and the mansion in which the family was living in, Isabelle let her flames lose. It hardly took any time for her flames to lick and catch every single room. It spread like wildfire. The flames were so quick to spread, so hot to touch that not a single one of her family members survived her tantrum. She walked away unscathed with just the distant screams off the dying.

A moment that was certain to torment her for the rest of her life.


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-snuggles and cuddles, gently pawing your ears- How are you, love?
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Apr 17
-smiles and nuzzles- well they'll get fixed eventually :3
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Hopefully yes x3 I just need to fix my sleep schedule
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