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  • I really hope you all know how to play.... But if not then I will tell you. You read the post previ...
    1 comments · Apr 11 '16
  • Exactly what it sounds like.&nb sp; One person posts a song, the other replies with whether they...
    · Apr 11 '16
  • Easy game...I've picked five letters...and I've listed them. The next person has to make a sentence ...
    4 comments · Apr 11 '16
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Bi Xia Member
May 31
*Baps and beats up.*
Mina_Fairheart Member
Feb 9
I'm free to rp !
NANA Member
Feb 6
Thank you for the welcome. I'll be sure to drop any questions/feedback that I may have in the future.
Susanne Mare of Raven's Wings Member
Oct 11 '16
thanks for accepting :)
Mina_Fairheart Member
Sep 29 '16
Sure we can.
Mina_Fairheart Member
Sep 29 '16
thank you for adding, would you like to rp ?
Queen Kerin Oracle Artist
Apr 11 '16
Lol Kzoki, Eterna,? XD Nice name if I do say so myself of course :B

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