I must fight to survive this endless nightmare that will keep happending over and over again.


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Dissenter00 Member
Yesterday, 00:21
-slaps you upside the face- >:o
Rien Mod
Apr 27
(( Always ))
Rien Mod
Apr 27
He yelps being butt head from his nemesis while the impact knocked him down on the ground. A slight groan left his lips as he shut one of his eyes and held his head. "Your head is hard as a rock!"
Rien Mod
Apr 26
*Kicks him across the room. * <'3
Jayden Member
Apr 24
Happy Birthday!
Kurumi Tokisaki Veteran
Apr 17
A prince eh? How lovely.
Rien Mod
Nov 2 '16
I love you too, RyRy.
Rien Mod
Oct 24 '16
I see you too silly Baka.
Iasaneli Member
May 12 '16
Rei~ *hugs tight* How are you, sweetie?


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HEY PEOPLE im still new to this so help me
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