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Hello, everyone I am DillPickles. I'm the owner and co-founder of this site. I originally started staffing on websites around five years ago on a site called Nightshade Duel Academy. On there I was Homunculus93 and I was just getting into learning how to become staff. It was a small time Yu-Gi-Oh website that really showed me my love for helping and teaching people how to use a sites.

From there I decided to open my own under the name Chess Master Duel Academy. It was a bit of a rocky start but after I met my now close friend and co-founder Razren things really started to look up. He helped me realize that though I was good at running a site I wasn't good with human interaction. Which was something we started to work on.

Eventually though I grew bored with just running a Yu-Gi-Oh website. It wasn't that the site was doing bad it was quite the opposite. The site was flourishing. It really brought a lot of good people around but I felt we could be more and do better. As such I opened the beta version of the Nerdalius on forumotion. The site did just as well as Chess Masters Duel Academy and I grew even further as a staff member and eventually even went over to the site Roleplay Social and rose in the ranks over there as an admin. It was there that I decided to truly expand and eventually Razren and I purchased our own server and opened this site.
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RealityLord Member
May 19
won't be here for your birthdaaaaaaaaaaays. So happy birthday haruhi and picklesss. * goes back to playing games before my vacation away from the interwebs *
Daylon Member
May 2
well, i hope you do add it soon or later, if you want to
Daylon Member
May 2
can you tell how to put a cover image?
RealityLord Member
May 2
Okay, I will be in my own training room. It is sorta small. And only has pikes and other long range weapons melee.
RealityLord Member
May 2
when will the dojo appear?
Daylon Member
Apr 19
the reason for a fairy tail group is to rp using my oc character in the story that is made by all of us
Daylon Member
Apr 18
can you make a fairy tail group?
Daylon Member
Apr 18
pickles if somewhere down the line that i do become part of the staff, i'll try to do it good
RealityLord Member
Apr 18
Pickles, can I haz cupcake
Kurumi Tokisaki Member
Dec 4 '16
thanks for the vote
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