Hello there, people, and thanks for taking the time to visit my profile! My name is Dart, and my roleplay charachter's name is... also Dart. Dart is a user with a very Doctor-Who like story. He travels through different dimensions and fandoms, learning as much as he can about himself and the universes he goes through. He often gets sidetracked, which is usually how the most interesting roleplays start. I play Dart as a T1PC when we do those kinds of roleplays. I'm not a godmoder, although it can sometimes see like it if you don't read my posts carefully. He has a long history, definite limits and any fandoms he's previously been in will be remembered. I do not do AU RPs (The ones where they are just random high-schoolers, for example.) My time and effort has gone into constructing the history, background, powers and character of Dart, along with dozens of roleplays and other people's, and I will not drop it to go roleplay some random high-schooler. He has a very distinctive timeline and is rather secretive with his past unless he is required to share it. He has the ability to "code" reality around him, to an extent. (He cannot influence people's minds, for example, or tamper with emotions or minds beyond a very scientific application of energy.) He wields a shoto, and is proficient with the weapon. Read character details if you fancy yourself wanting to roleplay with me. And remember; How you react and treat Dart determines his attitude towards your character. (Disregarding OOC, of course.) Dart has a personality as deep and volatile as any human, and remembers your character and how he feels about them during subsequent roleplays. Usually, the plot is molded by the other person, with Dart acting as a 'observer'. He tries to help you with whatever the issue at hand in the plot is, but is not a deciding factor. Him appearing in a roleplay is always unique, and no two roleplays ever go the same way. So, after reading this, if you still wish to RP, send me a PM with a request, and then a starter if I agree. See you on the other side.

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Dart is a humanoid being that is known across the multiverse only as a single consistency: He is what is known as a "life hacker". He has the ability to draw from the virtual world and make the impossible reality, provided it is possible to obtain and/or code anywhere within the virtual world. His strengths are that he is able to summon items and accomplish tasks that are seemingly impossible. He carries a short katana called a "shoto", which is a weapon mainly used for defense. It has a black ebony hilt with golden leaf patterns adorning it, along with a two foot long silver blade. He is extremely good with the weapon, and although his main strengths rely in his vast power that comes from the VirtNet, he is still a formidable enough foe if caught without the control console, a silver laptop with a purple glowing dart on the back. While he can still summon and code reality without the console, it takes a good deal longer and far more effort, often leaving him exhausted even after summoning only the smallest things. His weaknesses are that if he is exhausted and cannot draw from the VirtNet, and he is trapped without his shoto, he is basically defenseless, being untrained in the martial arts and unfamiliar with most hand to hand combat. He is also very, very bad at disguise without access to the console, and a lot of the time with it. Dart is regarded widely as emotionally unstable, and rapidly reverts from emotion to emotion. While this leads him to conclusions faster than others, he is not very good at fitting in socially. He is very prone to insane thoughts and comments that have nothing to do with the current situation. Dart is experienced in some ways, and has been and seen and done more things than he likes to admit. Part of his issues are that he doesn't "Play" video games: Because he is inherently linked, he experiences them. He very rarely chooses to discuss his entire list of titles, but the few he HAS revealed are as follows: -Sheogorath's Mantle -Dovahkiin -The Lonely God -The Boy in the Scarf -The Prince of Madness He is usually wearing a white wool scarf the length of his body, and a brown aviator-like leather jacket with a wool interior. He wears extremely dark jeans, so dark they look black, and brown combat boots. He is rarely seen in outfits differing from this, and always wears this if possible. He prefers cold biomes, and is said to have an entire realm that is simply a castle in a snowy region with mountains. He usually wanders into trouble, doing whatever he feels like until he is needed. He works best alone, as he doesn't know how what he does works either, only his limitations. He grows very snappy when people demand explanations on the "how" of things. His home region, planet, galaxy, universe and dimension are unknown, although it is theorized to be in the 10th dimension. He is sometimes rarely seen in company with his mirror self, Aldrea, who's relation to him is unknown. Aldrea is seen in a red-and-cyan jacket that covers to little past her waist, and a cyan sock on her left foot and a red one on her right. She seems to be a mage, but little past that is known about her. While each is powerful in their own right, it is said that Aldrea and Dart working together could create or destroy dimensions. ---- Every major religion or universe has at least some legend about "The boy in the scarf" "The lonely wanderer" "The angel of madness" or likewise. These are usually legends about Dart. Occasionally, "The Hypnotic One" may be mentioned, referring to Aldrea.


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