goddess haruhi shilūta

I shall stand my ground, against my enemies.

When the first ever moon, to appear in the sky on earth after the big bang. Haruhi was born just a few, minutes after her twin brother Taro and their parents. Are called Akuma god of darkness ((also known as the dark one)) and mother Theia goddess of light. Gazed down upon them, her mother had a sweet smile, upon her face. While Haruhi's father Akuma, had a sinister as he just looked. At Haruhi more, than Taro, at that time she was far too small and young to understand, her fathers evil, sinister looks. As Haruhi grew to toddler height, her mother Theia went missing from home. Haruhi never liked being alone with her father, as he always tried to make Haruhi feel pain, by hitting her or picking. Haruhi up by her hair and throwing her, against the wall. One night Haruhi felt something wasn't right or odd about, her body. She got up from her straw like bed and, felt herself on all four feet and not two, Haruhi ran over to her mirror and she stood, there with wide eyes as she was. No longer human but instead, she was a pure white wolf, with golden eyes. Haruhi felt her fluffy tail swaying behind her, in a slow movement. Haruhi runs about in her, room with a happy look upon her wolfish features. Haruhi quickly stopped, within her tracks as she could hear, foot steps coming towards her room. Haruhi suddenly changed back, into her human form, just before the door opened as her father. Akuma appeared with a evil smirk upon his lips, he knew Haruhi was more than just a goddess and it is very rare, to have a shape shifting god or goddess. Haruhi quickly backs away from her father, as she could tell that he, was up to something. When Haruhi turned five years old, her father dragged her out off her room and into the main hall. where a golden cage was waiting. Haruhi gets thrown into, the cage as her father closed the door behind her. Haruhi slowly sat up, hugging her knees against her chest. As she wondered where her twin brother taro was, Haruhi then saw then saw a figure laying on the floor bleeding badly. She realized that it was her mother Theia, lying on her side, with her hands tied behind her back. Haruhi looked at her mother, with wide eyes and then to her Akuma. He said a few words and some, kind of flame which was a black colour, her body reacted to the flames.

Haruhi’s personality mostly happens when, her eyes change colour. Most of the time Haruhi is happy and that, is when her hues are a golden colour. Haruhi hardly gets angry but when she does, then her eyes will change to a blood red colour. Which she hates, as her dark side or demon form will make her change and Haruhi cannot control them every well. Haruhi can get scared, nervous and sad, the colour of her hues will go to a blue colour but they can be, all sorts of blue from light to dark blue. As it will depend, on how scared, sad and nervous. Haruhi has a few weaknesses, but her main weakness is. Dark magic . The main dark magic, that can really harm Haruhi is black flames. Haruhi is a very strong minded girl, even though she has been through hell of a past, which she hates and fears. As that is the main reason why she never sleeps, because she mostly or sometimes have nightmares of what happened to her. Haruhi has a very kind heart even though she has a, dark side, but she always wanted to be kind and loving. Just like her mother Theia and not like her cruel hearted father Akuma the dark on, even though, he did push her until she almost lost control of herself. But Haruhi stood her ground and kept herself on the good side and strong. Haruhi can be brave, but when it comes to facing her father or the evil dragon lord Onaga. Haruhi always runs away from them, as she knows that they will harm her, with any sort of dark magic, mostly along the lines of black flames. Haruhi is happy and glad that she is now free, from Onaga’s castle and his cell, torture chamber and his evil words to her.

Haruhi has shoulder length hair, which is a dark brown kind of like the soil upon the earth her eyes are a golden colour. More golden than the sun itself or even gold if you put it that way, Haruhi skin is very pale almost ghostly like as she got her skin tone from her mother Theia. Upon Haruhi's skin are scars from being tortured by onagaand her father akuma, the worst of her scars is the one next to her heart. On the left sideHaruhi was stabbed by a dagger made, by dark magic and once in awhile the scar does hurt. Haruhi wears ragsfor clothing as she, never had the money nor the courage to go steal new clothes for herself, she doesn't wear any socks or shoes. As she thinks that they, don't help her grip onto any cliff tops or feel the ground as she runs away from anyone mostly.


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Hey hey hey!
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Hey Haruhi
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can you make a marvel group?
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~nuzzles and cuddles her back as he stares at her.~ hehe
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ello my queen. <3

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